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Nelson L. H. SHUM Partner


Nelson was first admitted as a Solicitor and Barrister in the State of Victoria, Australia and began his practice as a Solicitor in Melbourne, Australia in 2000.  In 2007, he was admitted as a Solicitor in Hong Kong and began his practice as a Solicitor in Hong Kong.  In 2015, he was admitted as a lawyer in the State of Queensland, Australia and began his practice as a solicitor in Brisbane, Australia before returning to practice in Hong Kong in 2019.  In addition to being admitted in Victoria and Queensland, he was also admitted to practice as a solicitor in the Federal Courts of Australia.  He is an experienced solicitor with over 20 years of private legal practice in Australia and Hong Kong.


Nelson is foremost a litigation lawyer with extensive experience in civil and criminal litigation matters.  Throughout his long professional career, he has handled numerous Magistrates’ Court, District Court, High Court and Arbitration cases, including contract, construction, directors and shareholders disputes, employees’ compensation, personal injuries, matrimonial causes, companies winding up, bankruptcy, land disputes, contentious probate and other civil litigation cases.


On the side of criminal law, the criminal cases he handled include assault and battery, theft, obtaining property by deception, possession of and trafficking in dangerous drugs and murder.


In addition to litigation matters, he has accumulated vast experience in other non-contentious areas of the law including commercial, corporate, conveyancing, intellectual property, landlord and tenant, wills and probate matters.




◊ Bachelor of Laws & Bachelor of Commence (Monash), 1999;

◊ Solicitor and Barrister, Victoria, Australia, since 2000;

◊ Solicitor, Hong Kong, since 2007;

◊ Member of the Law Society of Hong Kong, since 2007

◊ Solicitor, Queensland and Federal Courts, Australia, since 2015;