• We are in association with MHP LAW FIRM (君悅律師事務所, 前胡光律師事務所), which is a Chinese law firm in Shanghai, People’s Republic of China, with focuses on advising international companies doing business in China.  Since 1999, the firm’s attorneys have been retained by many well-known multi-national companies to serve as counsel in major multi-billion dollar projects from planning to closing stage.  Many of the attorneys were educated and are licensed to practise in both China and other major jurisdictions, including the United States of America.  The firm’s scope of practice ranges from corporate and commercial matters, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, employment and labour issues, intellectual property and technology protection, education collaboration, real estate, IPO and securities, tax, to litigation and arbitration.  MHP Law Firm is able to integrate the strengths of international law firms with local legal practitioners in maintaining international professional standards in the Chinese local markets, while equipped with the knowledge, experience and expertise in handling industry-specific issues as well as complex cross-border transactions involving China.  (Website: )
  • We are in association with DAC BEACHCROFT LLP, a reputable and City based law firm in London, St. Albans and Manchester of the United Kingdom, with offices in Madrid, Spain and Mexico City of Mexico.  They specialise in litigation, international arbitration, insurance, corporate commercial work, Main Board and AIM Board listing in the London Stock Exchange.  (Website: )
  • We have entered into formal association with GIEBELMANN & SALVONI, lawyers of both Italy and Germany, with headquarters located in Brescia, Italy and Munich, Germany, and also with branches in Milan, Rome and Berlin.  Their senior partners, Dr. Angela Giebelmann Salvoni and Dr. Heinz Giebelmann have joined us as registered Italian and German foreign lawyers respectively with effect from 23rd July 2008.  The main fields of expertise of Giebelmann & Salvoni are International and Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Litigation, Arbitration, Contract Law, Insolvency, Intellectual Property Law and Practice. (Website:
  • We are entered into association with ANGELA HO & ASSOCIATES (何文琪律師事務所), yet another well-established and reputable local law firm in Hong Kong.  Our consultant, Ms. Angela M.K. Ho, is the Senior Partner of their firm. (Website:
  • We are also in association with PATRICK MAK & TSE (麥家榮律師), Solicitors, another well established and reputable local law firm in Hong Kong.  With effect from 6th June 2016, partners of their firm, Mr. Mak Ka Wing Patrick and Mr. Zhao Zhipeng, have been consultants of our firm, and our partner Dr. Lily K.B. Fenn is also consultants of their firm. (Website:
  • As a result of the above association, we have over 300 fee earners in aggregate at our clients’ disposal in different jurisdictions.