Our firm published a book on “Doing Business in Hong Kong and Investing in Mainland China” back in March 2014, targeting foreign investors, potential investors or businessmen planning to set up their business or Asian headquarters in Hong Kong, and tap into the market of Hong Kong and Mainland China.  It covers the following areas:

  1. Doing Business in Hong Kong: The Gateway to Mainland China
  2. Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (“CEPA”) Springboard to China Market
  3. Setting Up Investment Vehicles in Mainland China
  4. Summary of Hong Kong Legal System
  5. Highlights of the New Companies Ordinance, Cap,. 622
  6. Trademark, Copyright, Design and Patent Protection in Hong Kong and Mainland China
  7. International Arbitration : Why Hong Kong ?


The 2nd Edition of this book was published in February 2018 in electronic form.  It has updated the information in the above seven chapters to reflect the changes in the past four years.

In addition, three (3) new chapters have been added to this book,

  1. Mediation in Hong Kong;
  2. The Competitive Edge of Hong Kong as Aircraft; and
  3. Aircraft Registration in Hong Kong


In March 2020, this e-book was updated and published to introduce three (3) new chapters, namely:

  1. Employment Law in a Nutshell;
  2. Guidelines on Listing on Hong Kong Exchange; and
  3. Fast Track for Weighted Voting Rights and Biotech Companies.


In May 2022, this e-book was further updated and a new Chapter 14 was added :


  1. Competition Law in Hong Kong.


This new e-book is published to raise funds for Dr. Lily Fenn Education Foundation Ltd., which is a registered charity in Hong Kong, for granting Youth Flying Scholarships and LL.M. Scholarships to final year undergraduates or young university graduates (within 3 years' post-graduation) to pursue either their Private Pilot Licence (Aeroplane) or Master of Laws degree, and for donating Prices known as “Dr. Lily Fenn Prizes for Legal Technologies”.

(Website: www.lilyfennfoundation.com)


This e-book is revised, updated and published by our firm every calendar year to keep pace with the changes of the law.