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AN Fenglian FrederickPRC Lawyer
Mr. An is a Registered Foreign Lawyer accredited by the Law Society of Hong Kong and qualified to practise PRC law in Hong Kong. 
Mr. An has a wide repertoire spanning more than two decades, having honed his niche in the field of commercial and corporate law in Mainland China, Singapore and Hong Kong. With his wealth of experience in state agencies, as well as medium to large-size legal firms, Mr. An has gained both local and international exposure. After his graduation in Mainland China, Mr. An first joined an anti-corruption agency managed by the PRC government before moving on to become a partner of a legal firm. For further career development, Mr. An ventured to Singapore, where he played a prominent role in a multi-national corporation for years. In 2004, Mr. An moved to Hong Kong, and was employed by a Hong Kong-based law firm established by a subsidiary of the Ministry of Justice of the PRC. He then moved on to a well-known Hong Kong law firm where he served for over ten years before joining Lily Fenn & Partners. 
Mr. An’s practice focuses on commercial and corporate affairs. His forte lies in corporate restructuring, corporate finance and IPOs, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, private equity, venture capital, foreign direct investment in the PRC and outbound investment of Chinese enterprises. He has vast knowledge of managing transactions involving joint ventures, real estate, intellectual property and other regulatory compliance 
matters. He serves a diverse clientele ranging from private companies, private equity funds, financial institutions, state-owned enterprises to listed companies and multi-national corporations.   
Mr. An has been engaged in projects involving a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, garment, cement, chemicals, pharmaceutical, telecommunications and network equipment, network technology, advertising, renewable energy, mining, real estate, logistics, retail and healthcare.
Mr. An was educated in both civil and common law in China and abroad. He graduated with a Bachelor of Laws Degree (with distinction) from the China University of Political Science and Law in 1990, and was admitted to the bar in 1993. During his stay in Singapore, he pursued a Diploma in Law as part of the University of London International Programme at the Singapore Institute of Commerce. 
Mr. An is a native Mandarin speaker who is also fluent in English and Cantonese. He has working knowledge of Japanese as well.
Portfolio Highlights
Mr. An has managed and participated in numerous projects and transactions including listings on the HKEx Main Board and GEM, spin-off listings by blue chip issuers, finance and loan transactions, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, takeovers and reverse takeovers of listed companies, reverse 
takeovers of AMEX and OTCBB listed companies, private equity investments, corporate restructuring and foreign direct investment in the PRC. The major projects and transactions he has undertaken include management of the following:-
Listing of Pacific Millennium Packaging Group Corporation (Stock Code: 1820); Listing of Apex Ace Holding Limited (Stock Code: 6036); listing of Haitian Hydropower International Limited (Stock Code: 8261); listing of Megalogic Technology Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 8242); listing of China Smartpay Group Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 8325); spin-off listing of Allied Cement Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 1312) from Tian An China Investments Company Limited (Stock Code: 28).    
Assisting a well-known Chinese-funded Hong Kong assets management company in granting loan facilities to a Hong Kong conglomerate to acquire a PRC coal mining company; assisting a well-known Hong Kong company, which is owned by a Japanese bank, in granting loan facilities to a Hong Kong conglomerate for the purpose of real estate development in Dalian; assisting China Development Bank in granting term loan facilities to two Hong Kong companies. 
China Great Wall Asset Management Co., Ltd introduced strategic investors; Acquisition of  a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Broad Intelligence International Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 1149); acquisition of a theme park and entertainment company in the PRC by National Arts Entertainment and Culture Group Limited (Stock Code: 8228); 
acquisition of a PRC real estate development company by Kingwell Group Limited (Stock code: 1195); acquisition of various pharmaceutical companies in the PRC by China Grand Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Holdings Limited (Stock code: 00512); acquisition of various PRC Hydropower plants by Global Mastermind Capital Limited (Stock code: 905); leveraged buy-out of Singapore-listed ECS Holdings Limited by Hong Kong-listed VST Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 856); acquisition of a PRC retail chain by K.P.I. Company Limited (Stock Code: 605); acquisition of a PRC real estate development company and hotels by New City Development Group Limited (Stock Code: 0456); acquisition of a Sino-foreign equity joint venture in ventilation equipment manufacturing by GreaterChina Technology Group Limited (Stock Code: 8032); acquisition of Jiangxi Newoman Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.  by an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of the Eagle Legend Asia Limited (Stock Code: 936); acquisition of various stone supply companies in the PRC by a Hong Kong marble and granite merchant; performance of legal due diligence for an Indonesia-listed company in connection with an intended acquisition of various wholly foreign-owned garment manufacturers in the PRC. 
Reverse takeovers of an AMEX-listed company by Shenzhen Highpower Technology Co., Ltd.; reverse takeovers of an OTCBB-listed company by Dalian Jingang Andi Bio-Products Co., Ltd.
Second-phase investment in China’s largest online game outsourcing company and third-phase investment in an online education portal by private equity investors led by NIF SMBC Ventures Asia Ltd.; investment in a PRC solar silicon ingot and silicon wafer manufacturer and investment in a PRC education service provider by private equity investors led by Singapore SEAVI Advent.
Establishment of a Shanghai-based Sino-foreign equity joint venture that specialises in financial leasing by a Hong Kong-listed company; establishment of a Sino-foreign equity joint venture and wholly foreign-owned chemical manufacturing companies in Tianjin by a Hong Kong conglomerate; establishment of a Shanghai-based wholly foreign-owned international freight forwarding agent company by Taiwan’s largest ocean freight forwarding company; establishment of branch offices in Beijing, Guangzhou and Ningbo by a wholly foreign-owned international freight forwarding agent company; establishment of a representative office in Shanghai by a Singapore private equity company.
◊ Bachelor of Laws, China University of Political Science and Law, 1990
◊ Admitted as PRC lawyer in the PRC Bar since 1993 
◊ Member of the All China Lawyers Association since 1993
◊ Attended classes in Diploma in Law (University of London External Programme),                   Singapore Institute of Commerce, 2003
◊ Foreign Lawyer (PRC) registered with the Law Society of Hong Kong since 2004